The Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme is a scheme that is run by the Department of Social Protection that provides dental services to qualified people.The Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme is available to insured workers and retired people who have the required number of PRSI contributions.

Patients who are qualified to claim Dental Benefit are entitled to 1 free oral examination (including small radiographs) per calendar year with a dentist registered with the scheme.  All of the dentists at Sandycove Dental Care are registered to provide this service.

You will need your PPS number to establish whether or not you qualify for Dental Benefit.  You can contact the Department of Social Protection directly on 1890 400 400 (ask for Treatment Benefits) or you can phone in with your PPS number to our reception team in Sandycove Dental Care and we can contact the Department on your behalf.

Please let us know when booking your appointment that you wish to claim Dental Benefit under your PPS number.  If you are able to claim Dental Benefit you will need to fill a form out at the time of your visit.

For further information on the qualifying rules see Department Of Social Protection- Treatment Benefits