TOP TIP- Minimising Damage to Teeth Caused by an Acidic Diet

14 June 2011 Categories: Uncategorized

Many people do not realise the damaging affect an acidic diet can have on the enamel of teeth.  It can cause erosive cups (dimples) and thinning of the enamel.  In some cases resulting in extreme sensitivity.

Examples of food high in natural acids are orange/apple juice, citrus fruits, white wine and grapes.

Here are some tips to minimise damage:

  1. Always use a straw when drinking acidic drinks.
  2. Do not brush teeth for at least 30 minutes after taking acidic food.  This allows your saliva to neutralise it naturally.
  3. Try using sugar free gum immediately after taking acidic food – it stimulates your salvia which washes acid away as well as neutralising it.
  4. Take a drink of milk or a small cube of cheese immediately after acidic tood to neutralise the acids.
  5. Use Sensodyne Pro Enamel  toothpaste which is designed to minimise damage.